I am a multi-media Los Angeles based artist, originally from Venice, California. I have a background in visual art installation and photography, and graduated from Lake Forest College with a degree in studio art.

I have taken the past four years to travel the world, learning from different cultures and formulating an artistic philosophy steeped in a desire to express unifying truths of the human experience. Inspired by ingenious societies, my organic abstract line drawings and wood block work stem from preexisting natural forms already found in wood. I excavate these patterns found in the natural world as a way of drawing a cosmic map between ourselves and the world around us. I understand that in order to unfold the inner workings of nature I must connect to mother earth. This is why for the last two years I have predominately worked with wood. My wood burnings and engravings require patience, as it takes immense precision and clarity to elegantly fuse with the natural map. Wood slabs alone force me to yield to their wondrous beauty and come to the understanding that even when untouched, they are art. I desire to fuse with this extraordinary beauty and therefore represent the human connection with nature, hopefully allowing others to feel that connection as well.

The materials I use illustrate my universal connection with all of nature, both organically and inorganically through the creation of drawings, videos, photographs, and sculptures. Recently, I have further evolved my work into installations encompassing wood and video. I bond wood and video together in order to deconstruct all aspects of nature exposing its hidden internal truths. My own deconstructive processes inform these installations as I try to uncover truths about my own human experience. My thoughts, feelings and locations are at the root of conception within each installation.

I often challenge my viewer to connect with nature within the confines of a building, the gallery space, that is constructed by man. Insinuating that even within the human body, which is also created by man, we can find natural internal truths. I believe every human being is capable of this conscious act and I want my work to serve as a starting point into this endeavor.

Ultimately, I envision creating an experimental space where I can test versions of self-expression that are informed by the human experience in order to inspire individuals to look deeper within. I believe this is how I can contribute to sparking change in society. I would love to continue this journey with you, constantly examining the interconnections of life and nature to see what unfolds.